Summer OYA Travel and Write Program

The 2019 inaugural session of the Summer Odyssey Youth Academy Travel and Write Program (OYA TAWP) will host students for two weeks of academic and extra-curricular programming in Washington, DC. Students will attend writing seminars that utilize culturally relevant texts and will engage in capacity building workshops that are designed to develop the student’s understanding of how she can participate in her community. Students will spend the final week abroad where they will connect with other young women through cultural and civic institutions who are also making a dynamic impact in their communities.
Writing Seminars

Promotes literacy and communication skills through a series of reading and composition workshops that focus on how themes of cultural enrichment, social justice, and civic engagement are illustrated in a range of texts and other forms of literacies. Students will participate in group discussions on the literature and will receive individual coaching and feedback on their academic and creative writing skills.

Guided Trips


A week of international programming that includes cultural activities and a service project in a geographic area that is relevant to the locales represented in the texts from the Writing Seminars. Students will also explore DC through historical site visits and museum tours.

Capacity Building and Civic Engagement Workshops

Students will identify home, school, or community needs and assess current resources, explore possible solutions, and develop project ideas or action plans that address the targeted needs. Students are encouraged to rely on the social or economic issues that are addressed in the literature from the Writing Seminars as a starting point for brainstorming and developing action plans. Visits to DC-based international organizations will aid in spurring creativity for this program component.

Oya and Me Restorative Sessions


Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally: Incorporates a healthy eating component throughout the program, cultural-based physical fitness programs, and restorative activities that ensure mindfulness, rest, and relaxation (and some fun too!).

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