The Oya International Center for Writing and Civic Engagement (“Oya International”) was created with the 21st century student-citizen in mind. Oya International provides young women with opportunities to broaden their exposure to global opportunities and communities through travel, civic engagement, and culturally-relevant literacy programming. We are a community of learners, educators, and world travelers who continuously strive to deepen our knowledge of the varied experiences of people at home and abroad. We are committed to serving our communities in ways that defy borders.

Our Mission


Oya International provides access to culturally-responsive literacy programming and transnational civic engagement opportunities that strengthen global competency skills and increase cultural awareness and understanding.


Oya International provides a safe and encouraging learning environment where a student’s sense of self and cultural awareness is nourished and her motivation to achieve academic success is improved. Oya International’s vision rests on four pillars:

  • Literary Activism

  • Civic Engagement

  • Self and Cultural Awareness

  • Holistic Wellbeing


Oya International values the lives of girls and believes in nurturing a student’s sense of self-awareness while broadening their understanding of the relationship between people’s participation in society and the cultural and historical influences on their communities. Our primary objective is to affirm that the students’ experiences, their contributions to society, and their personal stories are invaluable to the overall American narrative and to the larger, global community. Oya International promotes this through a range of academic and extra-curricular programming, which aligns with our four pillars:

  • Writing Seminars

  • Capacity Building and Civic Engagement Workshops

  • Guided Trips

  • Oya and Me Restorative Sessions

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